About Oxford Juniors

OXFORD JUNIORS is a brand formed by professionals having more than 20 years of experience in the education and training industry. Ever since its conception, the organization has evolved to be one of the most preferred institution in the preschool segment as we strive to achieve quality in our delivery of education. The use of technology into the curriculum is a unique way to track the progress of children in their holistic development. Moreover, our dedicated and well trained teachers diligently ensure that learning takes place every day throughout the year. Continuous professional development programs organized by the academic team ensure that teachers are kept abreast of the latest development in teaching practices and we has developed a system through which the education delivery is standardized and same quality is maintained across locations.

OXFORD JUNIORS is an institution formed with a vision to create a platform for the young minds to explore their world as they see. It provides a state of art infrastructure to promote interactive learning. The curriculum provides a plethora of activities which stimulate their thought process that ignite the young minds to understand and discover the world around them.

At OXFORD JUNIORS we have adopted the best teaching practices followed across the globe and customized to suit the Indian enviornment to ensure easy implementation of the same.