Curriculum of Oxford Juniors

The OXFORD JUNIORS school provide a stress free learning enviornment to make learning enjoyable. The customized learner book ensures seamless learning enviornment. All our schools have state of art infrastructure and learning enquipment to aid in the holistic development of the child.

Theme Based Classrooms:-

OXFORD JUNIORS classrooms play a very significant role in the learner's learning. It helps in the smooth transition as well as helps to maintain the energy level high. All our classrooms are designed based on several themes to make learning fun and productive.

State of Art Infrastructure:-

OXFORD JUNIORS belives in quality education and provides world class facilities. Our schools are designed to provide wonderful experience for children. All our classrooms are air conditioned and have a state of art infrastructure according to the safety standards. The customized infrastructure which ensures smooth functioning cater the diverse needs of kinder garten learning enviornment.

Psycho Analytical Equipment:-

All our schools have the state of art playing equipments installed to ensure that learning takes place beyond classrooms. These equipments help in the improvement of different motor skills and helps in the physical educational activities which ensures the fun element is maintained in our approach through activity and game based learning.