Mrs. Niti Soni (Director Operations)

It is my honor to serve as a Director Operations of Oxford Juniors. We at Oxford Juniors envision today's children as tomorrow's leadership icons. We have impacted a milestone departure from the teacher-led to the child-centric. Our learning environment enables each child to realize their unique learning style, while our MI-aided methodology helps them discover their own creative and aesthetic potential. "To become a healthy, happy adult, every child needs: Consistent, long-term attention from caring adults." Holding and cuddling does more than merely comfort children, it also helps their brains grow.
A safe, healthy living and growing environment is vital. Talking with a child builds verbal skills needed to succeed. It also helps children learn to relay their feelings of their anger, jealousy and frustration to adults.
The pre-primary environment is one in which children begin learning valuable life lessons in forming relationships. They learn sharing, loving and tolerance towards others behaviors. This is where they grow not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually. And most importantly, they begin the process of intellectual development as they start discovering the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will influence their ongoing education.
We believe in teaching through conversation, as teachers can encourage pre-school students to participate and share their ideas with their fellow classmates. I feel it is vitally important for learners to feel confident enough to express themselves in order to grow and develop. It can often be a struggle to express feelings and views which is why I believe that discussion has such a wonderfully exciting space in the pre-school phase. I think it is key to focus on both a childs personal progression as well as their growth in society. A teachers caring and nurturing approach will help children as they learn to respect, tolerate and value each other.

We wish you & your child a very rewarding experience at Oxford Juniors.

Mrs. Niti Soni
(Director Operations)