Mr. Karampreet Singh (Vice President)

I, as the Vice President of Oxford Juniors School- A chain of Premium Pre-Primary Schools, extend a heartfelt welcome to everyone. The Schools are a well known chain of education at Pre-Primary level all over the world. Oxford Juniors has pioneered in creating a niche for itself in the field of education as a Premium chain of schools. The school provides an ideal platform to produce students with a global outlook and a traditional value system. At Oxford Juniors, schooling is a perfect blend of academic excellence, sports, art, craft, music and theatre. It is a unique place where the cultural legacy happily coexists with technological advancements. We, at Oxford Juniors, are deeply committed to a holistic development of the child as having intrinsic values, other than its charter of furthering the vocational opportunities.
Our responsibilities lie not only in the development of academic skills but also to work on multiple intelligence of a child. The team at Oxford Juniors comprises of well-qualified teachers and experts in pedagogy supported by experienced administrative staff. Our endeavour is to provide an enriched environment to make teaching and learning a rewarding and a fun filled experience.
The curriculum of Oxford Juniors is relevant to the needs of ever changing times. We promote, ameliorate and inculcate amongst our little angels an academic excellence along with qualities of leadership, self-confidence, mutual respect and a sense of global identity.
Give your child the advantage of Oxford Juniors and know why generations of Oxford Juniors tiny tots are so proud of their mentors! With this, I invite prosperous entrepreneurs to become a part of Oxford Juniors family because we are the ones who give financial independence to our franchise.

With good wishes…!!

Mr. Karampreet Singh
(Vice President)